Joinventure - light weight design is our passion

Energy and fuels are becoming increasingly expensive, a variety of materials is used in composite, and is joined with a wide range of processes. For that we are on the spot and have the right specialists for each job.

About us

Joinventure combines a network of independent consultants and service providers specializing in lightweight design and joining. Shareholders of Joinventure GmbH&CoKG are the INSTAL Engineering GmbH and, MIGAL.CO GmbH both companies also seeing their focus in joining technology and lightweight construction.

The goals of Joinventure are to build a complete network of specialists in the worldwide realization of lightweight construction projects in the automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace and all industries where weight reduction is increasingly playing a role.

VITA Dr.-Ing. Stefan Allmeier, CEO Joinventure GmbH&Co.KG

1993 - 1998

Graduate of the Technical University of Munich in Civil Engineering with a focus on steel and aluminum construction

1998 - 2001

Employee at an engineering firm for steel structures

2001 - 2005

Employee in the R & D SLV Munich

2001 - 2005

PhD on residual stresses in welding of aluminum constructions

2002 - 2003

Training as a welding engineer

Seit 2002

Lecturer at the SLV Munich »Calculation of welded constructions"

2005 - 2011

Project Manager with an international automotive supplier

01/ 2012

Establishing INSTAL Engineering GmbH

06/ 2012


Establishing Joinventure GmbH & Co.KG.

Establishing the Engineering-Portal