Joinventure - the specialists for light weight design

We want to make your project a success - from concept to mass production

Consultations and services - from one single source

For small and large projects

Joinventure is a network of specialists for light weight design focussing on joining technologies. Practice and theory are fully represented - thus even large projects from design and calculation, including sample fabrication until start of mass fabrication can be supported. But at the same time the action of just one specialist is possible - for the solution of one particular task.

Just one contact person

Even for very large projects you have through Joinventure just one contact and contractual partners. Through our extensive network, we are able to select the most appropriate specialists for each technical portion of your project.

We maintain control

We coordinate our consultants and make sure that the project's progress is ensured at any time. Through our network we are able to take appropriate actions even during illness or exceptional circumstances.