Joinventure - the lightweight specialists

Whether you build cars, trucks, ships, bridges, aircraft and machinery. We support your project with the right specialists, for a day or for several months.

Our services are as diverse as our consultants

Our range of activities includes all aspects of lightweight design focusing on joining. Due to the permanent expansion of our consulting network we are able to offer more comprehensive and more specific services as it developes. The list therefore contains just a selection of possible services.

  • Design of welded structures, structural design, dimensioning of welds
  • Simulation of welding distortion and residual stresses, FEA
  • Component development for steel and light metals (aluminum, magnesium)
  • Preparation of documentation, testing, quality standards
  • Quality Management (EN 1090)
  • Prototyping, prototype manufacturing
  • Support of SOPs, troubleshooting
  • Welder and operator training for joining processes (arc welding, MIG and TIG process, laser welding and brazing equipment, hybrid method)
  • Advice on the selection of suitable joining processes
  • Consulting on selection of equipment