Joinventure - the lightweight specialists

Become part of our network. You are a recognized specialist for lightweight and / or joining technology and have much experience. We provide the infrastructure and access to interesting projects.

Become part of our network

You have sound knowledge about lightweight design and / or in joining technology. Perhaps you are already an independent consultant or aspire to such a position. We are constantly looking for new, qualified members of our network.

In Joinventure you are a limited partner, and as such a partner, where you are liable only with your deposit. You will receive access to an infrastructure of a sound network. That starts with the email address and also leads to access to large projects and clients. You are and remain independent and decide for yourself whether you want to participate in a project or not. You get access to our network peers with whom you exchange ideas and in doubt of something you can also get a second opinion. You will become more flexible and even in the event of absence due to vacation or illness assistance can be provided.

You can continue your other projects without changes, the collaboration with Joinventure leads to additional jobs and you do not have to spend as much time for the acquistion.

Become now member of Joinventure and register at the expert - portal of our shareholder INSTAL Engineering GmbH.

Please notice in the line "portrait" your intention to work as consultant in the joinventure - network and describe in short words, in which way you want to support.

Thank you.